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1/100 ガンダムナドレ Gundam Nadleeh WIP

Back in July, I bought a 1/100 Virtue since I found it for a great price. I already had a 1/100 Gundam Dynames and a currently in-progress MG Gundam Exia, so I plan to get a 1/100 Gundam Kyrios as well at some point in the future to complete the 1st season Celestial Being Gundams in 1/100 . I had Virtue for a couple months, but I didn’t work on him at all until my winter break in December.

Unlike how I built my previous kits, this time I decided to do a rush rough build, Nadleeh first. The main reason was because almost all of my plamo tools was left back at my dorm; I didn’t bring them home with me over winter break. There are various parts and pieces that I didn’t put on due to also various reasons.

The box is pretty enormous with some great art, featuring both the Virtue and the Nadleeh, as well as the pilot, Tieria Erde. Its width is  pretty much the length of a HG kit’s box, and its length is pretty much the width of 2 HG kits boxes together. The depth is pretty much the same as other 1/100s.

The plates and the instruction manual. It has quite a bit of fairly large parts here and there, as expected of course.

Starting off with the body, the construction was a lot like the 1/100 Dynames Gundam, and that applies to the entire Nadleeh. I didn’t put any of the yellow parts on, nor the GN condensers.

With those joints in the chest section, the parts can move about this far forward. It is hardly anything, but I guess it is still better to have it than not.

I completely forgot about Nadleeh’s GN drive since Virtue’s backpack covers it most of the time. I was fairly surprised (and happy) that the grey, locking arms can actually move a bit.

The body section is completed.

The waist section is pretty simple. Although I really don’t like these solid, ball-pointed hips stress builds up easily. And how large the crotch is kind of bothers me as well, reminds me of a bee.

The legs and feet probably had the most interesting build out of Nadleeh’s parts.

Both legs constructed and attached. The hip’s range of articulation was actually better than I thought.

The arms and hands’ build is pretty generic it seems, nothing special.

I forgot to take WIP photos of the head, which was actually somewhat interesting to build. I also think that the face looks really cool, but I have no intention of using the red hair-like connecting cables.

The rear view. I really like the GN drive. Most of the time, it will be hidden under Virtue’s armor, although having the red hair-like connecting cables will hide it even more.

Full body photo, and the shapes of the legs looks really nice. Although, it is just all white until I do some work on it later.

Articulation of the limbs are as shown above. The only major issue I have is how high the leg can kick up, which is only about 90゜, and that is without any skirt armors…

A really quick photoshoot below.

Handsome (pretty?) mugshot.

Putting Nadleeh in interesting action posts is actually quite difficult since he has no weapons except for the 2 beam sabers. And he won’t be getting his 2 handheld cannons until I build Virtue’s armor. I really wished that Bandai had included Nadleeh’s personal rifle and shield. That would give a lot more incentive to actually leave Virtue’s armor off.

Alright, my rough build and photoshoot of the 1/100 Nadleeh ends here. Next I will be sanding, painting and panel lining Nadleeh whenever I have time. I won’t finish anytime soon though, since I have resumed working on MG Exia. Virtue’s armor won’t be touched at all until I finish Nadleeh completely. So yeah, this will take me a while…

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