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HG ブレイヴ [指揮官用試験機] Brave [Commander Test Type] WIP

As I was wondering through some stores in Japan (either Yodobashi Camera or Sofmap), I saw this HG Brave Commander Test Type on sale for about ¥1000. Since it normally retails for about ¥1700, I decided to buy it. I knew that I wanted to buy some gunpla in Japan, but I do regret not holding in my temptation to build it here. As a result, I spent money on tools, some of which I cannot even bring back. Alas, I did built it while I’m here, so here is its WIP (work-in-progress).

The box and all of the plates, including a stand. It is always nice when they include a stand. The stand may be inarticulate, but it’s at least better than not having one.
It has been a while since I have started on a new kit. I still need to continue and finish my other work-in-progress kits when I get back to the States.

The upper body, which features a really coolsome build because of its ability to transformation.

The waist part, which although looks simple, actually has a more complex build compared to the 1/100 Over Flag. I’m really impressed so far.

The build of the leg was really interesting as well. There were a lot of new techniques and build that I have never seen before. Although I wish that the legs could have opened up for the GN missiles and Chakram Grenade.

Standing up.

And it moves really too.

The arms, and I am really impressed that a HG managed to have this much inner frame at all. However, since they already went this far, why not design it a a little bit differently so that the arms that can open up for the GN beam machine guns?

The head and…a white beam saber? Come on, Bandai. You made this in 2010 and it has a white beam saber!? Since you included the clear orange visor, you might as well include the beam for the beam saber in clear orange.

Action poses in its skeleton, before filling it out with the rest of the armors.

I particularly like this shot, looks crisp.

Completing the body by putting all of the armors on. Now it looks much more filled out and of course, armored.

This armoring certainly has a certain charm to it. However, comparing it to its line art, the model lost a lot of the sleekness that I think the model should possess rather than the filled out armor. I do like the back view a lot though, especially with the energy cable attached.

I had him displayed like this for a little while.

Then I started to work on the side binders. The side binders should have been able to open up to store the beam sabers and reveal the GN cannons, but the model skipped out of those features.

The GN beam rifle, Drake Howling, which is missing a lot of white trims that I will have to paint in later.

Some action poses with the beam rifle and beam saber.

Scroll down for the transformation into the Cruise Position.

And scroll up if you want to see the transformation into the Stand Position. Scrolling up seems to work better than scrolling down for some reason.

No doubt that I think this is one of the better transformations in Gundam. Comparing it in-universe, it’s a step up from the Flags, where the arms were kind of awkwardly tucked off to the sides. The Brave’s side binders plug into the legs, so it feels pretty solid. The beam rifle serving as the nose of the flight form however, can occasionally droop down.

With the Drake Howling opened. If the the side binders could have opened up to reveal the GN cannons, then the Tri-Punisher attack would have been possible.

This HG Brave Commander Test Type had a very very fun build. As 2 of my other current projects are the slightly older 1/100 Gundam 00 kits, this kit’s build was very refreshing and utmost interesting. I said that I do regret building it here in Japan because I bought duplicate tools, but I also kind of regret buying this specific model. While I had a lot of fun building it, I wasn’t very satisfied with the overall proportions of the kit. Meaning that I tried to mod it and bought more tools that I shouldn’t have. In the end, I couldn’t finish it on time and I should have just waited until I got home to build kits. Another thing was that the model is missing a lot of features that the Robot Damashii made up for, but I really wished that the model had them.

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