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SF Japantown – December 21st, 2013

It doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago when I had my manga shopping spree at SF Japantown on Nov. 1st, but in less than 2 months, I’m back here again.

Since I wasn’t able to get my hands on Minamoto Monogatari Vol.4 last time, I knew that I would be back soon. But in addition to that, a couple of my friends were going to watch a movie here, so that made for a perfect timing. Continue Reading!

SF Japantown – November 1st, 2013

As soon as me and my friend begin planning our next trip to SF Japantown, we knew that it would be all about manga. During our previous trip in August, I was unhappy about how I didn’t have time to dig through the shelves of Kinokuniya, so I wanted to set myself loose this time. In addition, my friend who is normally uninterested in manga, special ordered two volumes of a certain series he came across online.

It is just the two of us this trip and so meeting up was not as chaotic as last time. The first thing we did when we arrived at Japantown was pick up our special order and then head off for lunch. Continue Reading!

日本町 Japantown – August 17th, 2013

Originally, this trip was planned for June, the month with my birthday and my only week of summer break. However, we couldn’t set up a good timing, and so the trip was pushed to August, the month with one of my friend’s birthday. Even then, it was still difficult to plan a proper meeting time with everyone due to a friend’s bad circumstances.

Having been to Japantown semi-frequently for the past 3 years, I knew our routine well. Not a whole lot changes after all. We went through all the same familiar shops, looking at their stock and inserting jokes wherever appropriate. Continue Reading

日本町 Japantown – April 27th 2013

While I have been planning to go to Japantown in early May, in order to pick up the latest volume of ToLoveRu Darkness, my friend called Kinokuniya and reserved supposedly the last copy for me. And so that push things up and we went on the last Saturday of April, the 27th.

Besides my usual friend that does everything with me, I was able to make plans with a friend, who was my roommate during my study abroad in Japan, to come to with us. It was the first time for the 3 of us to hang out together, as the two never met. Continue Reading!