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Life This Month 28 – January 2014

Already another year has passed. Actually, “already” is not an appropriate word to use for me. In truth, 2013 went by quite slowly, almost painfully slow at some moments.

Every new year is also my blog’s anniversary. It has taken me 4 years, but I finally held my first giveaway in celebration. Sadly, I only had 6 entries. I know that my prizes weren’t exactly spectacular, but I had expected much more entries given how people had nothing to lose. Worse, out of the 4 total winners, only 2 had replied to my emails. The giveaway was quite the silent disaster. Continue Reading!!

Life This Month 27 – December 2013

The beginning of December was marked by the constant rush to catch up with the blog. After all the delayed posts were finished, winter break began and although I was supposed to be free, a few uncontrollable things happened, resulting in a week of break gone in the blink of an eye.

Unlike last year, I actually had a little bit of money to buy Christmas presents this year. So I returned to my parent’s place for a week to give the presents out, in addition to visiting SF Japantown together with friends. Continue Reading

Life This Month 26 – November 2013

The first thing that happened this month was a trip to SF Japantown, where I bought a whole bunch of manga. Due to the sudden influx of additional manga, I had to reorganize stuff on my desk in order to fit everything properly. Continue Reading!!

Life This Month 25 – October 2013

This month, I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for how things went. During the first two weeks, I worked on a lengthy post on my trip to Hikone, in addition to building my Valvrave models. However, what perturbed that schedule was Phantasy Online 2. Continue Reading!!